How is TEEN different from other youth centers?

TEEN offers youth ages 13 to 17 the opportunity to thrive socially and academically in a dynamic, safe, and positive environment. TEEN promotes structure, discipline and order in a young person’s life. TEEN offers both drop-in and membership services for youth.

What programs does TEEN offer?

TEEN offers mentoring programs, open mic night, talent shows, driver’s education (through and outside source), dances, etc. All of this is augmented with the Academic Excellence Center where students can do homework on their own, or get help from tutors.

Does TEEN offer any Summer Camps?

No, TEEN does not offer a summer camp.

What would a typical day be like?

All children who come to TEEN must complete a mandatory hour of homework help. After this period, they a free to use the rest of the facility and its resources.

How do I register my child for TEEN?

Enrollment forms are available online under the About section or in the Customer Service Office. You must fill out a release form for each child and bring it to the office to initiate membership.

How much does a membership cost? How much does each auxiliary event cost?

Your child is able to attend TEEN on a membership or non-membership basis.  There are no enrollment fees.  Membership fees are $80 per month or children can drop in on a daily basis for $15 per day. Weekend fun is $15 per child. Those who are brought in by a parent get $10 admission.

Is there a family discount?

No. Currently there is no membership discount offered at TEEN.

How do I register for auxiliary events?

There are two ways to register for auxiliary events. If your child is currently a TEEN member, you may register for auxiliary events over the phone by speaking with the registration desk.  If your child is not currently a TEEN member, then you must come in to register.

What happens if I do not pay the membership fee?

7 days after due date your child will not be permitted to attend.

How do I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership by email, phone, or in person.  If necessary, we ask that you please cancel a membership with TEEN Accounts Manager 72 hours prior to your billing date.

Do you prorate membership dues?

No.  Memberships are billed by calendar month.  If your child only comes for one day in a one-month period they are billed the same as a child that comes 20 days.

Why was my child terminated from membership?

The most common reason a child is terminated from membership is due to violation of the behavior expectations or eliciting any behavior that would cause imminent danger to themselves or any other person. Please review the behavior expectations policy on the Parents Page.

May I volunteer to work at TEEN?

Yes, we are always looking for volunteers to help with fundraising, special events, tutoring, auxiliary events, etc.  We appreciate any time that can be given.  Please contact the program director of the program you are interested in volunteering for. He/she will have the best information on ways to help out.

Can I make a donation to TEEN?

Donations are very much appreciated.  Please visit the Support TEEN section of the website for donation and gifting opportunities.  We truly appreciate your support of TEEN and its mission to help kids.  If you have any questions, please contact the office at (757) 440-3188.